Your base on Mars is being bombarded by meteors and your vital systems are down.

Can you escape the Red Planet before the big meteor strikes?

Red Planet Panic Online Escape Room

A digital version of our popular real life physical game. This game uses 360 degree imagery to make you feel like you are in the actual escape room.

Your mission to Mars has been a success so far, but now your life is in danger!

The Red Planet is being bombarded by a meteor storm and Mission Control has predicted a direct hit on your base. They have issued an order to evacuate and to head back home.

Can you get your rocket launched before the meteor strikes? Your life depends on it!

What you need to know

The game can be played on either a desktop or laptop computer. At the current time, it is not possible to play on a phone or tablet device.

The game can be played by one person, but is designed to be played collaboratively. We recommend having a strong internet connection and using the Chrome web browser.

Play whenever you want.

Players can connect from multiple locations around the world to work together to solve the puzzles and escape.

The game can be played by up to 6 players. If you are a large group, then simply purchase as many copies of the game as you need.

When you purchase the game you will be sent a link to your game. Once you have clicked on the link you have 72 hours to complete the game.

Read our FAQs to find out more.

How many players?

2-6 players

Game duration

Target time is 90 minutes, but there is no time limit.

Age group

Suitable for everyone to get involved so long as adults form part of the team.


£10 per game. Each game can have up to 6 players.

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