How do I book?

Click here or click on any “Book Now” button throughout the site. We only take bookings in advance online and it is not possible to just turn up to play our physical escape rooms.

How can I see what escape rooms are available for the date I want?

Click here then select your room and date to check if we have any time slots available.

Are your escape rooms suitable for children?

Most people that play escape rooms are adults and so the puzzles in our escape rooms are designed with this in mind.

Our games are not designed for groups where the majority of players are under 15. The games are particularly not suitable for groups of children under 13. We do not offer any children’s party packages and there is no waiting area.

Children do enjoy playing escape rooms when they are involved as part of a larger family group.

Where a child is playing as part of a family group we recommend a minimum age of 7. Children under that age are likely to run out of things to do during the hour-long experience.

There are no separate child prices, all players in the escape room pay the same price. For any group where there are children less than 16 years old there must be a paying adult in the room and maximum team sizes for the room cannot be exceeded. This is an insurance requirement and is therefore mandatory.

Do you host children's parties?


Escape rooms are not an appropriate activity for children’s parties.

What are your opening times?

Monday, Wednesday and Sunday:  10.00am to 8.00pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday:  10.00am to 10pm
We are closed on Tuesdays

How many people can play at one time?

Most of our physical escape rooms are designed for teams of 2 to 6 people to play together.

The Traitor games are designed for up to 5 players in each room.  This cannot be exceeded due to space limitations in the room.




Can we exceed the maximum number of players in the room?

Most of our rooms have a maximum of 6 players. We want our customers to have as much fun playing our rooms as possible and this is why we generally limit the number of players in each room.

An escape room is a mixture of searching for clues and solving puzzles, and the experience is designed to be a challenge that will last one hour. We try to create puzzles and a flow to the experience that allows everyone to be involved at all times.

If there are too many people in the room, it can mean that there are times when some players are just watching or taking a less active part in the game. It can also mean that some players miss part of the experience.

This is why we have recommended limits on the number of players.

Each Traitor game is designed for up to 5 players – this cannot be exceeded due to space limitations in the rooms.

Is there anything scary in the rooms?

There are no animals and no-one is going to jump out on you while you are in the rooms!

The Sweeney Todd escape game contains mild jump scares.

Do you sell gift vouchers?


If you wish to purchase one please click here

Vouchers purchased directly from us do not have an expiry date and a copy will be emailed to you when the voucher is purchased.

Charity gift vouchers expire one year after they are issued by us.

Our vouchers cannot be used against online games.

What do I need to bring?

1. Make sure you bring your brain!

2. If you need reading glasses, it’s probably worthwhile bringing them.

When should we arrive?

You should arrive exactly at the time of your booking so that you can be briefed on your mission.

Please don’t be late. 

If you are late we will have to cancel your came with no refund. It is important for the safety of our staff and other customers that we have sufficient time to prepare a room before the next game, so we cannot start games late.

Please don’t be really early. 

If you are really early we will most likely still be running the game before yours or preparing the room for your game. We do not have a cafe for you to wait in.

Can we take pictures in the room?

We don’t allow taking pictures or video in the room – we have to make sure that all puzzles and clues stay secret for future players. We are happy to take pictures outside the escape room once your game has finished, and you are welcome to use certain outfits in your pictures.

I suffer from claustrophobia, will I be OK?

Only you can be the judge of that. For safety reasons we don’t actually lock the entrance door so you can always come back out the way you went in if necessary (this doesn’t count as an escape!).

The rooms are not small. There may be periods of darkness in some rooms but you will never be without some form of light.

Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?

The Runaway Train and Step Into Wonderland are wheelchair accessible.

The Sweeney Todd room is wheelchair accessible but one member of the team must be able to crawl in a confined space.

The physical size of our Traitor games is smaller than our other rooms. Please contact us if you have a wheelchair user and wish to play Traitor.

Battleships and Oz are up a flight of stairs and so are not wheelchair accessible.


What are your prices?

Prices for our physical escape rooms are per person and depend on the number of players in each escape room:

7 – 10 players – £20 per person (only some games can have more than 6 players)

4 – 6 players – £20 per person

2 – 3 players – £25 per person

Children count as players, there are no separate child prices.

What if I can't make my booking?

It’s difficult for us to re-fill a slot at short notice and for this reason cancellations will only be accepted if at least 7 days notice is given. Unfortunately we can’t accept cancellations with less than 7 days notice and no refund will be given.

Games can be rescheduled with more than 72 hours notice on payment of a £25 fee. Games cannot be rescheduled with less than 72 hours notice.

If some of your group do not turn up we are unable to offer a refund.

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