Sweeney Todd’s barber shop customers keep disappearing and Mrs Lovett’s Pie Shop next door never has a shortage of meat.

Dare you discover what is really going on?

Sweeney Todd Escape Experience

Your friend, Captain Thornhill, was last seen entering Sweeney Todd’s barber shop. There have been a number of other unexplained disappearances in the area and a pattern is emerging. In your quest to discover what happened to Thornhill you decide to investigate the barber shop, but you must wait until you think Sweeney Todd is not around for fear of incurring his wrath and renowned bad temper!

Can you discover evidence of what happened to your friend and escape before Sweeney Todd returns?

Physical requirements – Part of the game requires at least one player to be able to crawl through a confined space.
How many players?

2-6 players

Difficulty level

Game duration

60 minutes

Age group

Sweeney Todd contains mild jump scares. There must be an adult in the group if there are children aged under 16. This is a requirement of our insurance policy and is therefore mandatory.

Teams must comply with whatever Covid restrictions on groups are in force at the time of their game.

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