Baker Street Mystery Experience

This is our original escape room returning for a limited time between 5 February 2022 and 2 May 2022. If you didn’t play it first time around, make sure you don’t miss out now!

The notorious Victorian gang, The Baker Street Five, continues to commit crimes and terrorise nearby residents and businesses.

However, all is not well with the shady group and you, the famous Baker Street Detective, now have the opportunity to uncover their identities and bring them to justice.

But you only have one hour to solve the mystery and prevent the gang from making good their escape. You must use all your skills and intuition to solve the clues and stop them in their tracks.

Do you have what it takes?

The Baker Street Mystery escape room is located up a flight of stairs and there is no lift access to this floor.

How many players?

2-6 players

Difficulty level

Game duration

60 minutes

Age group

There must be an adult in the group if there are children aged under 15.


From £16 per person

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