The team from Kensa showed their competitive and creative sides as the raced each other to pull off the Bank Job!


Looking for a fun activity for team building in Telford, Kensa chose to take on our Bank Job escape room. This escape room combines elements of groups working together and adds a competitive element where two teams race each other to rob the bank and escape with the cash.

The teams added to the fun when they played the escape game dressed as bank robbers, complete with stripy tops and face masks.

The race to rob the bank was close, but in any race there can be only one winner. With only seconds separating the teams, the quickest group opened the bank vault and made their escape with the cash!

Playing an escape room is a great way for teams to have fun together. Everyone is working towards achieving the same goal within the time limit. An escape room contains a variety of challenges so that everyone’s skills can be utilised.

The Bank Job escape room has an extra twist where 2 teams are competing against each other. It’s not just a race to beat the clock!

Our Bank Job escape room is designed to be played by groups of 2 to 8 players. Groups of 2 or 3 players will all be on the same team trying to steal the cash. If there are 5 or more players will be split into two teams and will race to rob the bank. A group of 4 players have the choice of working together or playing 2 v 2 to break into the vault.

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