Pirate Plunder Online Virtual Escape Room

A 360 degree virtual escape room. Guide yourself around an actual escape room to solve the mystery.

A mysterious Pirate Ship has crashed into the Pier. Rumour has it this is the ship sailed by notorious Pirate Sharkbait Sully but he and his crew are nowhere to be seen. You and your team need to solve the secrets of the ship before the ship sinks and your team become shark bait themselves.

What you need to know

The game can be played on either a desktop or laptop computer. At the current time, it is not possible to play on a phone or tablet device.

We recommend having a strong internet connection and using the Chrome web browser.

Buy now and play whenever you want.

Players can connect from multiple locations around the world to work together to solve the puzzles and escape. Use Zoom (or similar) to communicate to help each other solve the puzzles.

The game can be played by up to 6 players. If you are a larger group, then simply purchase as many copies of the game as you need.

When you purchase the game you will be sent a link to your game. It can sometimes take a few minutes for the link to arrive, so be patient and don’t forget to check your Junk Mail folder if the email doesn’t appear in your Inbox.

Read our FAQs to find out more.

How many players?
2-6 players
Game duration
Target time is 60 minutes, but there is no time limit.
Age group
Suitable for everyone to get involved so long as adults form part of the team.
£30 per game. Each game can have up to 6 PCs or laptops connected..

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