Once again you find yourself on Santa’s naughty list. Rather than try to be good, you decide to break into his workshop to make sure you get some presents this year!

This is the same Christmas themed room that we ran in 2018 and 2019 and is still available for bookings. The Great Elfscape is our new Christmas themed room for 2020!

Christmas Escape Experience

You thought no-one had noticed all the mischief you created this year.

But Santa saw it, and now you are on the naughty list. With Christmas coming soon you are facing the prospect of no presents!

You could try to be good for the rest of the year and hope Santa moves you onto the nice list, but your mischievous side always gets the better of you. So you decide to break into Santa’s workshop and add your name to the nice list.

If you get  caught you’ll be permanently on the naughty list, but if you don’t you’ll have the best Christmas ever!

How many players?

2-8 players

Difficulty level

Game duration

60 minutes

Age group

There must be an adult in the group if there are children aged under 15.


From £15 per person

PLEASE NOTE:  From 31 October 2020 players must be from the same household/support bubble. Players cannot be from multiple households.

Telford is currently in Tier 3 and this means our escape rooms are required by law to be closed.

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