Your base on Mars is being bombarded by meteors and your vital systems are down.

Can you escape the Red Planet before the big meteor strikes?

Red Planet Escape Experience

Your mission to Mars has been a success so far, but now your life is in danger!

The Red Planet is being bombarded by a meteor storm and Mission Control has predicted a direct hit on your base. They have issued an order to evacuate and to head back home.

Can you get your rocket launched before the meteor strikes? Your life depends on it!

How many players?

2-6 players

Difficulty level

Game duration

60 minutes

Age group

There must be an adult in the group if there are children aged under 15.


From £15 per person

PLEASE NOTE:  From 31 October 2020 players must be from the same household/support bubble. Players cannot be from multiple households.

Telford is currently in Tier 3 and this means our escape rooms are required by law to be closed.

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