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Dr. Van Hollywood’s

Marvelous Movie Maze

Sorry, this game is no longer available to purchase..

How many players?

Up to 6 connected computers.

Difficulty level

The game is designed so that it works best when everyone collaborates to solve each puzzle.

Game duration

The game lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Each mini-game is time limited to add to the pressure!

Age group

Suitable for everyone to get involved so long as adults form part of the team.


£19.99 per game.


In a world where people crave the most immersive entertainment imaginable, Scientist Dr Flik Van Hollywood has created a breakthrough invention like no other… The Quantum Projector.

A device that can manipulate reality, allowing users to feel they’re inside their favourite movies.

But wait.… there’s more, an unexpected power surge results in a malfunction… opening up a series of wormholes connecting our world into the movie world.

Now the Doc must rely on a plucky band of new recruits (you!) to journey through the lab closing down the ever-expanding wormholes before they consume our reality for ever.

Join us on an adventure like no other in Dr Van Hollywood’s Marvelous Movie Maze!

System requirements

The game can be played on either a desktop or laptop computer. It is not possible to play on a phone or tablet device.

As the game is designed to be played collaboratively across the internet we recommend having a strong internet connection. The game works best using an up to date Chrome web browser.

Up to six computers can be connected to the game. If you have a larger group than this, then simply purchase as many copies of the game you need and play competitively. You should separately use Zoom or WhatsApp or similar to enable team members in different locations to communicate to help solve the puzzles.

Purchase the game now and play whenever you want. You will be emailed a link to the game which doesn’t expire until you start to play the game.

Read our FAQs to find out more.

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